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For the past 130 years, the Nottingham Post has proudly remained an essential part of the fabric of everyday local life. Founded in 1878, Nottingham Post is one of the UK's most successful local newspapers.

Over the years it has won countless awards for its editorial flair, technical innovation, outstanding reporting, design and print quality. The Post is the voice of Nottingham and is renowned for being the area's best-read local newspaper.

Every day, except Sunday and Christmas Day, it continues to publish unrivalled compelling local news and sports coverage. It remains at the forefront of encouraging and championing Nottinghamshire communities' aspirations and helping support local people to make a real difference.

Every day, more local people across the length and breadth of city and county welcome the Post into their lives as a respected and trusted source of valuable information than any other local or national print publication.

The Nottingham Post is widely recognised for its strong campaigning stance and comprehensive coverage of local, national and international news. This is complemented with daily informative features and topical supplements. The Post offers the best guide to daily life in and around the city and county of Nottinghamshire.

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Whether its news of what's going on in your community, wanting to celebrate a family occasion, share your success, or simply to place an advert; we'd really love to hear from you.

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Key Information:

Format: Tabloid

Publication Day: Monday to Saturday

Type: Paid Daily (96.2% Paid)

Price: 38p

Circulation: 40,974 (ABC July-Dec 2010)

Daily Readership: 134,000 (KANTAR Media Dec 09)

Weekly Readership:308,000 (KANTAR Media Dec 09)

Readers Per Copy:3.25 (KANTAR Media Dec 09)

Post prompts purchase!

• The Nottingham Post reaches 3 in 5 local people every week

• 63% of the Post's daily readership is from the 'more affluent' ACORN Categories

• 61% of people who are tempted to buy products they have seen advertised are weekly readers of the Nottingham Post

• 51% of people who agree advertising helps them choose what to buy are weekly readers of the Nottingham Post

• 55% of people who agree that it's worth paying extra for quality goods are weekly readers of the Nottingham Post


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